AT89S Atmel single chip microcontroller

Several years ago Atmel produced S Series from their 8 bit microcontroller. In the my college its popular enough, and I think so, just when I browse for “89S52 application”, I found a lot of article. I thought that this chip only famous in some region or country, but I wrong.

For the detail of its chip, you’d better go ATMEL’s site then see the 89S52 specification. I used it to finish my work a few months ago.

How about the prices? Cheap enough! It sold only no more than 2 USD, so if we want to built any programmable control, I though that it was the right answer. But why not AVR? For my own reason, the “internet help” support 8051 language is more instant than we’d solved with AVR. But the most important things that we should know is the need and function. It need the downloader to transfer the binary code program we’d written.

How could I build the downloader? I found the easiest schematic made by someone. And also I have the uploader software from Pakistanis. I have alot of references about the schematic diagram , PCB layout, but this is the simple and simple one.

For editor you can use programmers notepad, save the file in .asm or .h51 format. Here the problems come. You should have a converter from asembler to hexadesimal. Remember that hexafiles you have, must compatible with 8051 family. I use berin to convert my .h51 to hex. Then you have .hex file, with no error of course. Upload it to chip.


2 Responses to “AT89S Atmel single chip microcontroller”

  1. Interesting, I found out using SDCC+ ASEM51 + M-IDE as IDE is killing machine for tour daily 89×51 application. Try it!
    This link is my favorite compiler + its programming language

  2. I started to make my graduate project which a robot based on microcontroller, the question is what is better to use pic16f84 microcontroller or Atmel 8051 ? please help me

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