Image and Video Processing in Delphi (Aman Subanjar@2007)

Several months ago I got my own project but I was failed. The project just a simple, but very complicated plus my ability in programming just still amateur.(actually till now J )

The project is capturing pictures from the real time video, and process it started by convert it to vector image, then I could compute the values about the Red Green and also Blue index. Also I could analyze the “shape” of image to be. At the first time I did, I found a thousand fails. It seems that imposible built in Delphi. The more realistic theory, just when I read the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language), how effective Delphi break up my problem, actually till now it still being mystery.

I use Video Lab and Audio Lab component built for Delphi. Its easy to use, just install the executable file, then these components installed in Delphi by itself.

These can be downloaded here..

Easy to Use

Just click the component the component you want, then we’ll start to program the TV Tuner, webcam, sound, movie, much easier than writing without these components.

For example for my project I built the interface between web camera and show it in my program. If I use the ordinary way, it will spend a lot of knowledge of windows system.


3 Responses to “Image and Video Processing in Delphi (Aman Subanjar@2007)”

  1. Thanks for information.
    many interesting things

  2. aman subanjar Says:

    Ya .. its simpler than we have to know the windows API…

  3. Test… Keren bangeeeeettt…

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