Proud to be Javanese, mboten-mboten

“What nese are you?” There are alot of nese: Sundanese, Balinese, etc, but what whats make us proud for nese to be?

Status? I guess that its not the time ,even we’d never had a time, for the word “rasisme”. But I talk about culture, not an exclusivm, bad fanatics, or more. But just care how the status of your country didn’t lose your “nese”

I’m a javanese, live in Jogjakarta, tomorrow perhaps I won’t live here because my work, or not (who knows?) but till now what make the essencial java in Jogjakarta except the building and the place it self? I thought that more and more student still like english (hm….) as their primary language than java itself. Why? I didn’t say which better, but who’s care for this culture? The java letter itself more and more were be leaved, the doctoral language of java were on Netherland…

Just when I go around in this city, more and more place name didn’t use the java letter, its not like Thailand, or Japan (maybe). I just wish that where could I go I find more and more java letter as the status of our java, so far I found it just in the name of road only, no more. Oh if only every place (market, movie theater, school, office, etc) have to be written in javanese, maybe the worse never come…at least people whoever seen the letter still confuse and guess the words. (or even didn’t care ,,,,). It seems that the goverment have to make some rules so the owner of place must use the javanese letter, beside their indonesian or english words.

A laughter when I went to Bandung, almost of friends there are sundanese. They’re said that jogjanese is clever about the germanic. I asked “why”. They said just when the came to Jogja and asked the a near placed almost people said “mboten-mboten ngertos”. ( Sorry I don’t know, ~~Sorry I couldn’t help you). Is there any relation between “mboten” and germanic? Ha ha ha ………….

Do you feel most people proud with the place they’re live or they’re born?  Please share here… I will glad hear it.


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