TCP IP Base Control Design

Trend of 2005 till now, TCP IP was design for control line. Control signal itself is just data, isn’t it? Thus the great brand like hp built their printer with TCP IP facilities? PLC (Power Line Comm.) just the big example, then SENAO was built since the first base on TCP IP.

As the “common” people looking for the answer what the chip that it can be built for IP base , its the hard way. Anyone want to tell me? Simple way to answer it, just go… and make sense with your PC. I mean the embedded system, so the product is familiar enough and of course easy to use. Imagine that the PC as the control equipment looks like an big control need, its differ than we created the embedded machine. Simple.

Or we have to wait till the industries bored with their toys and sold their ancient chip? Then the listing code just could be found at that time?

Still… The question is what chip that it can be used or even programmed in order to make some magic number? Its the TCP IP, meanwhile the trend now TCP IP goes to IP V 6..

How late I am….


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